December 2005

KUSCO Launched the First Funding Program for Korean-American Women and Korean Communities

In 2005, Korean-American Women in Science and Engineering (KWiSE) was established in order to strengthen the network of Korean-American women in science and engineering-related fields, and to facilitate communication and cooperation between our members to promote the career development. Since 2005, KUSCO continuously supported through KWiSE’s annual conferences and symposia. KUSCO also provided financial support to launch an outreach program of public lectures to Korean communities in America. This public lecture series were taken place in nationwide including Washington, San Francisco, LA and Chicago. This public lecture helped to raise the scientific literacy of ethnic Koreans in the U.S. and to stimulate and encourage a greater number of bright Korean-American students to go into basic science.

October 2004

KUSCO Made First Cooperation with National Science Foundation (NSF)

KUSCO held the 1st collaborative symposium in Korea with National Science Foundation and Korea Science (NSF) and Engineering Foundation (KOSEF) co-organized by George Mason and Yonsei University. For S&T cooperation between Korea and U.S., symposium agreed to meet two major needs; 1) the development of effective marketing on Korean science and technology as a desirable destination for research and collaboration and 2) the development on an infrastructure to support a smooth influx of American scientists and graduate students into the Korean S&T industry.

July 2002

KUSCO Initiated the First Summer Camp Program

In 2002, KUSCO held the Korea-USA Science Engineering Summer Camp (KUSEC) at the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in Korea. The American Association for the Advancement also participated in this program. This summer camp was first program of its kind and was designed to provide an opportunity for Korean and U.S. high School students with demonstrated interest in science and technology to meet, exchange ideas and perform joint research. Participants for camp were more than 60 including 21 American 28 Korean students.

July 2001

KUSCO Established Book Fund at the Harvard University & Joint Study with RAND

In 2001, KUSCO established the Korea-U.S. Science Cooperation Center Book Fund in the Korean Department of the Harvard-Yenching Library. This funding was designed to be used for the acquisition of Korean materials in the areas of history of science, technology and industry. KUSCO also established joint project called “Joint Study on Korea-U.S. Science and Technology Cooperation” and published a report called “Phase Transition in Korea-U.S. Science and Tech Relations.”