Feb 1999 & July 2000

KUSCO Initiated the First Conference to Upbringing Young Generation

KUSCO initiated the first conference called “Korean-U.S. Young Generation Leadership Conference” & “Professional Development of Young Korean American Scientists & Engineers.” These events were designed to foster young Korean-American generation in S&T Field. Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association(KSEA) also participated in these events.

October 1998

KUSCO Held the First International Event. Asia-Pacific High Level Conference on Sustainable Agriculture

KUSCO hosted its first international conference on Agriculture and Ecological Resilience in Beijing, China. This conference was co-hosted by American Association for the Advanced of Science (AAAS) and the proceedings of three days conference were published with “Agriculture and Ecological Resilience; Striking a Balance in the Pacific Rim

November 1997

KUSCO Held its First Round Table Discussion and Reception for Officers

This event was designed for the Science and Engineering Societies and Academies. RT had 11 speakers with two major subjects; “New Direction for 21st Century Science and Engineering Education Reformation” and “Promotion of Science and Technology Cooperation.” KUSCO hosted more than 60 distinguished guests including Ambassador KunWoo Park, Embassy of the Republic of Korea.

August 1997

KUSCO Approved as a Non-profit Organization

KUSCO was approved as a non-profit organization by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

February 1997

KUSCOB Held for Establishment of Korea-US Science Cooperation Center

KUSCOB was held on Feb, 19 of 1997 at the Sheraton Hotel in Vienna, VA. At the beginning, Korea-U.S. Science Cooperation Center Board(KUSCOB) had 10 board members with an executive committee chairman, Dr. Yoon Soo Park. KUSCOB members were: Dr. Jin-Ho Park, President, KOSEF, Mr. Oh Kab Kwon, Director General, MOST, Mr. You Hyun Moon, Science Counselor, Embassy of Korea, Ms. Saeyoung Ahn, Chairman, KSEA, Mr. Frank L. Huband, Executive Director, American society for Engineering Education, Mr. J. Thomas Ratchford, Director, George Mason Univ., Mr. L. Manning Muntzing, Attorney-at-Law, Dr. Yoon Soo Park, Program Director, Mr. Moon Won Suh, Professor, North Carolina State Univ., and Dr. Kyung Sik Kang, Professor, Brown Univ.