Korean-American Scientists Support Program is to promote Korean-American scientists and engineers to expanding its specialties and network through 5 different subprograms as follow;

US-Korea Conference

The US-Korea Conference is one of the largest S&T conference between the U.S. and Korea. This annual conferenceprovides valuable opportunities for cooperation between two countriesvia symposiums, forums and workshops to cover broad areas of science and technology, including but not limited to basic science, applied science, engineering, entrepreneurship and science policy.

KSEA Chapter Meetings

This program supports local & regional chapters of the KSEA for developing and maintaining the regional S&T network among Korean-American researchers.
For more information how to apply, please see the KUSCO PROGRAM GUIDE

KSEA Professional Association Meetings

This program is to support Korean American Professional Association meetings, which are focused on specific topic related to science and technology in order to promote S&T network among Korean-American professionals.
For more information how to apply, please see the KUSCO PROGRAM GUIDE

Graduate Scholarship

This program is to recognize outstanding graduate students who demonstrate excellent talent in the fields of science & engineering. KUSCO selects 20 students per year. These awardees are invited to the US-Korea Conference for the ceremony. For more information how to apply, please see Here.

Young Generation Technology Leadership Conference

YGTLC is a premiere conference for scientists and engineers with a demonstrated interest in Korean heritage. This conference welcomes participation from 1st-generation, 2nd-generation and 3rd-generation Korean-American scientists and engineers, including those from mixed-race and adopted communities, as well as those who are non-ethnically Korean.