Date & Place: December 4-9, Washington, DC

The US-based Korea-US Science Cooperation Center (KUSCO) and South Korea’s National Research Foundation (NRF) have been collaborating since 2013 in organizing, coordinating, and executing the annual KUSCO-NRF R&D Workshop. This year, NRF selected twenty-six mid-career administrative specialists from sectors such as but not limited to international cooperation, technology transfers, grant management, government, and academia.

The purpose of the annual workshop series is to invite South Korean university and industry research administrators and provide education on the advanced US R&D practices and approaches. The goal of the series is to contribute to the cultivation of South Korean experts through providing training in topics such as advanced science and technology policies, industry-academia cooperation, international cooperation, and R&D management.

Each year the participants attend talks delivered by industry professionals and visit various sites to expand their understanding of the recent developments in US technology and the current status of policy implementations. The main focus of this year’s workshop program is (1) acquiring insight into the latest S&T policies and international cooperation, and  (2) becoming familiarized with start-up support and technology commercialization practices.