KUSCO is pleased to announce its continued support for the The 7th US-Korea Joint Biomedical Engineering Workshop which was held on October 17, 2019, Philadelphia Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA

A special workshop, called “US-Korea Joint Workshop in Biomedical Engineering” was held during BMES 2019 Annual Conference in Philadelphia, PA with the explicit and official support of BMES Programming Committee as well as the KOSOMBE’s agreement.  The objective of the Joint Workshop is to promote cooperation, collaboration and networking between the two societies and their members of the Korea Society of Medical and Biological Engineering (KOSOMBE) and BMES. The BMES Program Committee has been fully supportive of the workshop and has already allocated a symposium space for this Workshop. We believe that this Workshop strengthened a long-term relationship and mutual benefit for both Society members. We had 2 plenary speakers (Prof. Edward Guo from Columbia Univ. and Prof. Jason Burdick from University of Pennsylvania) and 6 invited speakers from the U.S. and Korea spanning the two sessions, where about 120 Korean and US scientists and engineers attended the sessions. Following the session, Reception was held at the Smilow Center for Translational Research at the University of Pennsylvania with a generous support by Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Korea Science and Engineering Association (KSEA), Cosmetics Technics Korea, Korea-US Science Cooperation Center (KUSCO), and KOSOMBE. Over 100 faculties, post-docs, graduate students, undergraduate students, engineer, and scientists attended the workshop and the networking dinner.

The goal of the Joint Workshop was to promote cooperation, collaboration, and networking between the two societies and their members of KOSOMBE and BMES. With such a success, we are confident that this mutual effort would become a bridge for a long-term relationship and mutual benefit for both Society members.  In the past six years, this annual Workshop has become increasingly well-known among biomedical engineers in both US and Korea, attracting > 120 PIs and trainees from both countries as part of the Annual BMES meeting. The workshop covered topics on various convergent technologies to better understand and improve human health via different approaches in multi-disciplines including biomaterials, tissue engineering, mechanobiology, biotransport, neuro-engineering, exosome, and immunotherapies, drug delivery, medical imaging, immune cancer therapy, stem cell therapy, and bionanotechnology. We have demonstrated the great success of the last six Joint Workshop symposium at the annual BMES meeting. We had a fruitful and exciting workshop where the leading Korean and Korean-American scientists and engineers in the field of biomedical engineering, biomedicine, and convergence technology were able to gather together to discuss exciting advancements and technological development. This networking opportunity among these leaders is likely to spur future collaborations that would benefit both Korean and Korean-American scientists. We are sure that it would contribute to a brighter future of Science and Technology in Korea with an enormous potential in not only improving human health but creating new industrial and economical opportunities.