NYKB annual conference is held on April 27th in New York to promote active scientific collaboration, networking, and career development of Korean and Korean-American scientists in New York area. The speakers had a great opportunity to present their work and also expose to other researches in frontier and broader area of biological sciences.

NYKB annual conference provides strong networks between Korean Biologists and Korean-American Biologists in New York area. Moreover, NYKB annual conference provides new perspective of biology area to Korean companies, institutes and government. This conference greatly contributes to connecting Korea and USA in biological science.

    NYKB annual conference is the largest and only conference for Korean Biologists in  the New York metropolitan area. NYKB annual conference will provide latest trends of biological area such as neuroscience, cancer biology,  drug development, and artificial organ research to Korean companies, institutes and government. NYKB is needed to provide a good place to discuss about highly specialized biological scientific knowledge between Korean and Korean-American Biologists.

    NYKB strongly encourages participation of young scientists and junior faculty members to bring new scientific ideas and leading scientific knowledge to Korean and Korean-American biologist community. NYKB will provide main link between Korea and US in biological area. We have a mutual cooperation agreement with the Korean Society for Molecular and Cell Biology (KSMCB). One of our speakers will attend in annual symposium of  KSMCB in Korea as a young scientist. And also, NYKB will give prizes for selected all oral and two poster presenters.