KUSCO is pleased to announce that 2019 KUSCO Scholarship Ceremony was successfully held during UKC 2019. Every year, KUSCO’s scholarship program recognizes outstanding Graduate Students who have demonstrated excellent talents in the fields of science and engineering and helps identify and nurture potential leaders of scientific community for closer cooperation between Korea and US in the future. KUSCO operates this program in cooperation with the KSEA. The final list of 20 awardees as follows: 

Number First Last School Name Major
1 Jung Park Columbia University Neurobiology and Behavior
2 Dennis Cha UCLA Data Science Engineering
3 Eugene Yoon University of Southern California Biomedical Engineering
4 Seung Hwan Lee Rice University Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
5 Jaehyeok Jin The University of Chicago Chemistry
6 Soojin Kim Northwestern University Neuroscience
7 Youngkwan Song University of Illinois at Chicago Nursing Science
8 Yujin Park The Ohio State University City and Regional Planning
9 Hana Kim University of Cincinnati Geography & GIS
10 Yongjin Shin Northwestern University Materials Science and Engineering
11 Junghyun Park New York University Social Work
12 Min-hwan Oh Columbia University Operations Research / Data Science
13 Hyun Gi Yun California Institute of Technology Chemistry
14 Dongheon Lee Texas A&M Universtiy Chemical Engineering
15 Youlim Ha Johns Hopkins University Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
16 Isaac Kim Alpert Medical School of Brown University MD/PHD
17 Yuri Park University of Houston Cellular and Molecular Biology
18 Matthew Shin University of Chicago Computational and Applied Mathematics
19 Jieun Chon Virginia Tech Computer Science and Application
20 Donggeun Tak University of Maryland Physics