With a broad spectrum of nano-related areas covered in the previous Forums (both at fundamental and application levels), this Forum complemented the previous Forums by focusing on close examination of IoT including nanosensors and neuromorphic computing, and therefore it is highly relevant to U.S.-Korea cooperation in Science & Engineering. By expanding the fruitful results of the previous thirteen Forums, this Forum further enhanced the common platform for scientists and engineers from both countries to promote partnership in nanotechnology area. This Forum promoted scientists and engineers to form professional networks for collaboration, deepened mutual understanding of institutions, practices, and policy environments of the two countries, and laid the ground for establishing favorable environments for an extensive cooperation. Building on our discussions and collaboration ideas during the past two Forums, we recommend in-depth discussion on neuromorphic computing topic at the next year’s US-Korea ministry/secretary meeting. This forum specifically encouraged the collaborative efforts of young scientists and constructed specific milestones for collaboration between US and Korea on emerging nanotechnology convergence of IoT including nanosensors and neuromorphic computing.