KUSCO conducted the 2017 NRF-KUSCO R&D Workshop from September 17 to 23 in VA, MD and NY. There were 23 participants who are R&D managers in universities or research institutions in Korea.

This program aims to enhance the captivities of R&D managers in Korea through the case studies of various S&T policies as well as U.S. institution visits.

The major topic of the workshop was S&T policy, R&D management, Technology Transfer, International Cooperation, etc., elaborated in 7 lectures and 5 institution visits & lectures as follows:

【Lecture 1】
“New players in U.S. Science, Technology and Innovation policy,focusing on state governments and on the new role of philanthropists”Dr. Jefferey Alexander
Senior Manager, RTI International
【Lecture 2】
The International Cooperation of the U.S. accelerators & its supports Mr. Jongwon Park
Chief Strategy Officer, EYL Inc
【Lecture 3】
U.S.-Korea National Policy on the 4th Industrial RevolutionMr. Tim Hwang
Founder & CEO, Fiscal Note
【Lecture 4】
“Prospects for Science Diplomacy in the New Administration” Mr. Richard Stone
International News Editor, AAAS
【Lecture 5】
“Merging Federal, State and Institutional Programs to build an Innovation Ecosystem” Dr. Bob Story, Director,
VIC Technology Venture Development
【Lecture 6】
“Commercializing technology development by government research Institutes” Dr. Bob Smith, Director,
Fed Tech I-Corps Program, GW
【Lecture 7】
“Overview of the U.S. Research Management System”Dr. Elliott Kulakowski
President, RAMSG
【Institution Visit 1】“The role of Smithsonian to maximize the S&T publication”
【Institution Visit 2】Johns Hopkins University R&D Management SystemDr. Denis Wirtz
Vice Provost for Research
【Institution Visit 3】Johns Hopkins University Technology Venture Intellectual Property ManagementDr. Neil Veloso
Executive Director
【Institution Visit 4】Overview of the KOTRA IP Desk and its Major RolesMr. Matthew H. Chung
【Institution Visit 5】IBM Thomas J. Watson Research CenterDr. Seung-Gu Kang & Sung-Kwon Kang
Research Staff