KUSCO is pleased to announce that 2014 KUSCO Scholarship Ceremony was successfully held during UKC 2014. Every year, KUSCO’s scholarship program recognizes outstanding Graduate Students who have demonstrated excellent talents in the fields of science and engineering and helps identify and nurture potential leaders of scientific community for closer cooperation between Korea and US in the future. KUSCO operates this program in cooperation with the KSEA.

After reviewing numerous applications this year, KUSCO’s final decision for its 2014 Graduate Scholarship was made for these 15 outstanding students as follows:

Number First Last School Name Major
1 Jungwon Ahn University of Minnesota Mechanical Engineering
2 Jaepyeong Cha Johns Hopkins University Electrical and Computer Engineering
3 Joonseok Cho University of Florida Biomedical Science
4 Jongkwon Choi The University of Texas at Austin Structural Engineering
5 Chang Yu Hong Portland State University Urban Studies and Planning
6 Joonmoo Huh North Carolina State University Computer Engineering
7 Yoonseob Kim University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Chemical Engineering
8 Sunai Kim University of California Los Angeles Structural & Earthquake Engineering
9 Hyungil Kim Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Industrial and Systems Engineering
10 Joonseok Lee Georgia Institute of Technology Computer Science (Machine Learning)
11 Seoung Jun Lee Cornell University Mechanical Engineering
12 Sunwoo Lee Columbia University Electrical Engineering
13 Jaewook Myung Stanford University Civil and Environmental Engineering
14 Ji Sun Park Duke University Biomedical Engineering
15 Chungja Yang Michigan Technological University Chemical Engineering