Dr.Jong-Deok Kim, Director of KUSCO visited National Science Foundation (NSF) on October 27th.
The purpose of the meeting was to follow up with a future collaborative project between NRF and NSF regarding robotic and brain engineering workshop in early 2012 and ‘May 2012 Global Summit on Merit Review’ in DC.

Dr. Woods, Japan Program Director in OISE (Office of International Science and Engineering)   who will be in charge of the Korea region attended the meeting accompanied by;

  • Dr. Ephraim P. Glinert, Program Director, CISE/IIS
  • Dr. Sven Koenig, Program Director, Robust Intelligence Program, Division of Information and Intelligent Systems
  • Dr. Richard Voyles, Program Director, Division of Computer and Network Systems,
  • Dr. Graham M. Harrison, Program Manager, OISE
  • Dr. Jong-on Hahm, Program Manager, OISE

There was a proactive discussion how to initiate a joint workshop. It would be held in Seoul no later than June in 2012. Follow up will be started with assigning two principal investigators who would be in charge of overall management for each side.
KUSCO, NRF and NSF are expecting that this meeting would lead to the next steps for this collaborative project.