KUSCO is pleased to support Korean-American Science, Engineering, and Medicine South-Atlantic Regional Conference which was held at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK, RTP, NC) and co-hosted by KSEA-North Carolina Chapter and Research Triangle Park Bioscience and Biotechnology Meeting on Oct 21-22, 2011. This conference was attended by 296 professionals and students (136 attended on Oct 21st and 160 attended on Oct 22nd). Attendees were mostly from North Carolina (82%) but also from Korea (10%) and other States in the US (8%) including AL, FL, GA, NJ, OH, SC, and VA. The theme of our conference was ‘FUNdamentals in Science, Engineering & Drug Development’.

On Oct 21st, the conference also included a tour program to GlaxoSmithKline campus (led by Dr. Yongho Kim), SAS Institute (led by Dr. Youngjin Park), and NIEHS (led by Dr. Sungyong Hwang). After the tour program, evening session was open with the welcome from the conference co-chairs, Dr. Yongho Kim and Dr. Sung Woo Kim. The evening session was held at Sanders Building (GSK, RTP, NC). The dinner was organized with ‘Meet-The-Professional’ program. There were 20 professors and professionals leading discussion and introduction of each table during the dinner.

On Oct 22nd, the conference was resumed at Bldg 5 (GSK, RTP, NC). The morning session was opened with the national anthem of USA and Korea. Dr. Yongho Kim had introduction to RTP B&B, Dr. Sung Woo Kim had introduction to KSEA and KSEA-NC, and Dr. Jong-Deok Kim had introduction to KUSCO. Dr. Sunkyu Park led this morning session including an invited talk by Dr. Steve Kelley (NC State University) on “Biorefinery for Lignocellulosic Based Bioenergy: Technology, Carbon, and a Systems Approach”. Ms. Heather Kim (NEU) prepared and organized a Career Development video which includes interviews of 6 professors and professionals about their advice and tips on career development and also about their fund story during their own career.

In the afternoon, the conference was separated to science program sessions: (1) Basic Sciences and Engineering (Chaired by Prof. Jungsang Kim, Duke), and (2) Life and Applied Health Sciences (Chaired by Prof. Nayun Kim, Duke). In Basic Science and Engineering session, there was an invited talk by Prof. Kookrin Char (Seoul National University) on ‘PRAM and RRAM related research: Candidates for next generation memory’ followed by 5 abstract competition talks. In Life and Applied Health Sciences session, there was an invited talk by Dr. John Roush on ‘Absorption Rate Analysis: Shining a new light on the formulation road map’ followed by 5 abstract competition talks.

The organizing committee is planning 2012 South-Atlantic Regional Conference on Oct 12-13, 2012.