2010 Annual Bioscience Engineering Symposium

There was the second Annual Bioscience Engineering Symposium in the Natcher Auditorium in National Institutes of Health (NIH) located in Bethesda, Maryland on November 6 (Sat), 2010. The Symposium started from 8:00am and continued till 7:00pm. Approximately 160 scientists studying biomedical science and engineering from University of Maryland, Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins University, as well as NIH participate in this symposium.

This symposium provided platforms to boost networking between Korean Scientists and allow Korean Scientists to share their research to initiate future collaborations.

In the symposium, Dr. Jong S. Rhim who was recently retired after working in NIH for several decades and Dr. Sung W. Lee who is a professor in University of Maryland gave keynote lectures. Following keynote lectures, 11 speakers who were selected by the preparation committee based on 55 abstracts submitted. In addition, 44 abstracts were presented as a poster format.

Although science and presentations of all speakers were excellent, Drs. Jong S. Rhim, June Kwak, and Sean Lee selected two speakers based on their science, presentation, and CV. Dr. Soowhan Chang from NCI (National Cancer Institute) and Dr. Changsoo Kang from NIDCD (National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorder) were awarded with Jong S. Rhim Young Investigator Awards that are established from this year by personal donation by Dr. Rhim. In addition, through votes from participants, Dr. Donghoon Park (University of Maryland) and Dr. Junghwan Kim (National Cancer Institute) were awarded with best poster presenting awards. Lastly, the Asan Medical Center awarded Dr. Kyoo-young Lee (National Human Genome Research Institute) with a poster award.

In addition to research presentations, Dr. Eunkyung Choi from the Asan Medical Center, Seoul introduced the Asan Medical Center, which aims its direction to research-oriented hospital in Seoul, Korea. Dr. Choi also explained the recruitment effort of Korean scientists by the hospital. Dr. Jongdeok Kim from KUSCO also introduced missions and future directions of KUSCO.

The symposium was sponsored by seven different companies including Macrogen, Asan Medical Center, KUSCO, and KSEA.

There was two reports regarding symposium in Hankook Ilbo.