This is the time to announce “2010 KUSCO-KSEA Graduate Scholarship”.

Since 2007, KUSCO operated graduate scholarship program with KSEA in order to recognize outstanding graduate students who have excelled in the field of science and engineering as well as in extracurricular activities, including community services, and who have demonstrated a potential for becoming leaders in the scientific community for closer cooperation between the U.S. and Korea For 2010, number of recipients will be 10-15 persons with scholarship fund, $1,500 each.

All scholarship recipients are required to submit an abstract and make a poster or oral presentation on their research area at the 2009 US-Korea Conference on Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship in Seattle, WA (August 12-15, 2010). Travel expense reimbursement up to $500 will be provided.

Application deadline is February 10, 2010. The details of the KUSCO-KSEA Graduate Scholarship are provided at KUSCO Web site.