KUSCO is pleased to announce as a sponsor that Ygnite 2019: Disrupting the Status Quo was held on January 11-13 in Los Angles, CA.

This year represents a significant milestone in Ygnite history — the celebration of the conference’s 15th year.  For more than a decade, Ygnite has brought together leaders from across the United States, and globally as well, for high-impact conferences to support, connect, and develop the next generation of leaders. And yet, this year is not merely a celebration, but the ever-present reminder of how much more, together, we can and will accomplish for our technical fields and industries.

As such, this year’s *theme* is “Disrupting the Status Quo,” as a way to wrestle with, challenge, and imagine the better realities and new horizons for our future and the futures of our respective fields. We look forward to seeing you at Ygnite and sharing with each another the ways to innovate beyond “what is” to “what could be.” See you in Los Angeles~