S&T Meetings S&T Program Overview

S&T Program Overview

Through the S&T Meeting program, KUSCO intends to create an opportunity to exchange of ideas between Korean and American scientists and engineers and to explore innovative S&T direction in the context of joint seminars, conferences, workshops or symposia.


S&T Meetings Supports

KUSCO supports holding of various S&T meeting such as conferences, forums, symposiums, seminar and workshops.

  • U.S.-Korea Joint Meeting
    The program supports S&T meetings to enhance scientific and technological development of both Korea and the United States. S&T- related organizations or associations in the U.S. can apply, and the proposed meeting should involve 20% or more of participation by scientists without Korean heritage.

    Major U.S.-Korea Joint Meetings include; NIH Seminar, U.S.-Korea Nano Forum, New England Bioscience Society Annual Conference, KWiSE Women’s Career Development Symposia, UKC, KOCSEA Technical Workshop, KASBP Symposium, KSEA/KwiSE Science Park Symposium.

  • KSEA Chapter Meeting
    The program supports local chapters of the KSEA for developing and maintaining the regional S&T networks among Korean-American scientist and engineers by holding S&T meetings.

    The proposed meeting should involve an agenda for the younger generation of scientists in the form of workshops or seminars. KUSCO will match the cash amount provided by the KSEA Headquarter up to $3,000 for each proposed meeting. Participation of scientists without Korea heritage is not required.

    Major KSEA Chapter meetings include; KSEA South Western Regional Technology Conference, KSEA Northeast Regional Conference, KSEA New England Technical & Young Generation Symposium.

Participating in S&T Meeting

KUSCO supports domestic or international travel expenses for participants or invitees for various S&T meetings that must be jointly managed by both Korean and American organizations. These meetings can be held in Korea or the United States. The program is open to Korean-American and other American scientists and engineers residing in the United States and participants or invitees who receive a grant from KUSCO need to prepare for the presentation at designated meetings.

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