S&T Meetings Review Procedure

Review Procedure

Through its Executive Committee members’ or external review members’ review process, the KUSCO ensures that proposals submitted are reviewed in a fair, competitive, transparent, and in-depth manner.
Proposals submitted to the KUSCO are evaluated through use of four review criteria.
When a decision has been made, information on the context in which the proposal was reviewed will be provided to all the applicants regardless of awarded or declined.

Review and Award Process

A. Proposal Submission and Receipt (at least 60 days prior to the proposed date)

  1. Applicant prepares and submits proposal
  2. KUSCO receives proposal and assigns an Receipt Number

B. Proposal Review and Processing (within 30 days after proposal receipt)

  1. KUSCO requests its EC members to review proposal (mail review)
  2. EC members review proposal and submit their evaluation results to KUSCO
  3. KUSCO analyzes input and makes an award/decline recommendation to the EC Chairman based on reviewers’  results and the availability of fund
  4. EC chairman reviews of recommendation and notify KUSCO of a final decision

C. Award Processing (within 45 days after proposal receipt)

  1. KUSCO notifies applicant of an award/decline decision along with the description of the context in which the proposal was reviewed (via e-mail as well as an official letter)
  2. KUSCO makes direct payments or reimburse expenses at an awardee’s request.
  3. Within 60 day following the end of a meeting, a final report must be submitted via e-mail to the KUSCO.


Evaluation Criteria

* In descending order of relative importance

  1. Potential contribution of the effort to the KUSCO’s specific mission
  2. Overall scientific, technical, and/or socioeconomic merits of the proposal
  3. Applicant’s capabilities and experience to achieve the proposal objectives
  4. Financial commitment of the applicant to provide cost sharing

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