KUSCO News Upcoming Events The 27th Northeast Regional Conference (NRC 2018)

The 27th Northeast Regional Conference (NRC 2018)

KUSCO is pleased to announce that there will be the "27th Northeast Regional Conference" as follows;

- Date : March 24, 2018
- Place : Conference Center at Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ

The objectives of this proposed conference are as follows:


  • Contribute to advancement in emerging technology, science and engineering for US and Korea and others
  • Exchange information in science and engineering among US and Korea
  • Promote networking among Korea-American Scientists and Engineers
  • Assist professional career development for young scientists and engineers
  • Promote collaboration among KSEA and other young generation and professional society organizations including education, health, policy, and entrepreneurship


Above conference is sponsored by KUSCO.

Please visit http://kseany.org/symposia/nrc/nrc-2018/ for more information



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