KUSCO News Upcoming Events The 26th Northeast Regional Conference (NRC)

The 26th Northeast Regional Conference (NRC)

KUSCO is pleased to announce that there will be the "The 26th NRC" in NJ as follows;
- Date : April 29, 2017
- Place : New Jersey Institute of Technology

The objective of this conference is to provide a forum in which scientists and engineers in major areas present their research findings and share ideas. The 26th annual KSEA Northeast Regional Conference (NRC 2017) will also contribute greatly to the advancement of research and development in both USA and Korea. In addition, it will provide an opportunity for members and other subject matter experts to establish professional networks, as well as to explore career opportunities. Especially, for the next generation, this Conference would support young generation of Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association Group and Korean-American Women in Science and Engineering for their networking and encouraging those groups.

The above conference is sponsored by KUSCO.

Please visit http://kseany.org/symposia/nrc/nrc-2017/ for more information



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