KUSCO News Upcoming Events 2016 7th KSEA West Coast Regional Conference (10th Korea-American Bio-Medical Scientists Symposium)

2016 7th KSEA West Coast Regional Conference (10th Korea-American Bio-Medical Scientists Symposium)

The 4th of WGCRC -10th KABMS will be held in the  Texas  Medical  Center,  the  largest  medical  center  in  the  World.  This symposium will stimulate interactions among Korean‐American biomedical scientists and then generate the collaboration between local scientists in Texas area and also scientist between Texas and Korea based on their social networks. Therefore, this event will provide a great opportunity to Korean‐American biomedical scientists because they could expose themselves to the most current trends in biomedical science and also meet all Korean‐American biomedical scientists from different institutions across Texas, gulf coast area and Korea.



WGCRC-KABMS is planned and designed to maximize the network-connection between Korean- American bio-medical scientists to enhance and improve their scientific activities. WGCRC-KABMS will provide new trends of general and specific scientific concepts to all participants to broad wide their scientific viewpoints to maximize their scientific career development. In this content, symposium speakers will be chosen based on their scientific contribution and their success career development. In addition, WGCRC-KABMS provides venue to attendees and speakers to discuss and make the network for the formation of collaborations and friendships. Collectively, the success of WGCRC-KABMS will result in the enhancement and improvement of scientific activities among Korean scientists in Texas, neighboring states, and Korea.

All the scientific seminar speakers are worldwide recognized scientists in the basic and translational research field. Therefore, their sharing regarding their excellent achievement should encourage young scientists. In Texas medical center, lots of young investigators (such as student, graduate student and post-doctoral trainers) have been worked for their career development. Therefore,  WGCRC-KABMS will shed a new light to their thinking regarding future career development as a independent scientist.

In addition to Scientific Seminar Section, the WGCRC-KABMS committee will prepare the poster session. Usually, around fifty scientific investigators will be invited as the poster session presenters. Comparing to scientific seminar section, the active conversation between outstanding Korean-American biomedical scientists from all across Texas and other neighboring states has been performed during the poster session.  These active communications in the poster section usually make the excellent collaboration between Korean-American biomedical scientists and also creats lots of new scientific job. These amazing advantages make young and senior scientist join to WGCRC-KABMS.

To improve the career development of young scintists through the WGCRC-KABMS, we will prepare lots of poster awards.  Their research in the poster session will be judged by professional scientists based on their research presentation and discussion with judges and then selected as poster award winner. In addition, dinner and lunch will be provided to all attendees to drive discussion between young generations and senior scientists in Texas, its neighboring states, and Korea for the development of young scientists’ career development. Last but not least, young generations from KSEA-ST will be asked to assist and/or volunteer for WGCRC-KABMS allowing recruitment and participation of young generations to WGCRC-KABMS as well as KSEA.



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