KUSCO News 3rd Washington Science Talks

KUSCO is pleased to announce that the “3rd Washington Science Talks” was successfully held at the KUSCO Conference room on July, 10th.

The Washington Science Talks is a small size of informal social club which is designed to provide a meeting place and networking channel for S&T related personalities within Washington Metro area.

For the 3rd seminar, KUSCO invited Dr. Jongwon Park, Associate Director, SRI International, and there were many participants from U.S. Universities, government officials, and the private sector as well as Korean government affiliations. This seminar was mainly focused on “Research and Innovation Policy in Obama Administration", followed by Q&A and discussion.

KUSCO plans to hold the 4th Washington Science Talks on August 28th, inviting Dr, KunMo Chung who served twice as Minister of Science and Technology in South Korea, is former chairman and CEO of the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation, and is former President of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology. He will present on “Mathematics, Engineering and Science : a fundamental pillar of Korean development".

*The Washington Science Talks is
organized by KUSCO and hosted by KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology).




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