KUSCO News 2014 KSEA South-Western Regional Conference

KUSCO is pleased to announce to support the “24th South-Western Regional Technical Conference” being held on February 15th, at Hyatt Regency Orange County (11999 Harbor Blvd., Garden Grove, CA 92840). The objective meeting is to provide the opportunities for collaborations between Korea and the U.S. in the science, engineering, art and cultural areas such as IT, manufacturing, biotech, and entertainment industries. There were around 200 participants including 1 keynote speaker, 2 general session speakers (all non-Korean), 1 invited speaker, and more than 25 parallel session Korean/International speakers.

The conference was consisted largely of two sessions: General Plenary Session (AM) and Parallel Sessions (PM) for individual disciplines of science and engineering and YG career development.

The General Plenary Session (AM) hosted four renowned speakers to cover issues of the conference’s theme – Science, Engineering and Art for a Better World. Guest Speakers include a representative from KSEA, KUSCO, KOTRA-LA, and Korean Consul General. Keynote Speakers include renowned professors from Harvey Mudd College, UCLA, UCSD, and UC Davis.

There were four parallel sessions planed; these are combined sessions of related area.

  • Bio and Life Science: The session includes variety of engineering/science field relating life sciences, which are Biomedical engineering, Medical and life sciences, Korean – American women in science and engineering, and Material science.
  • Infortainment: This is a combined session of Information and Entertainment related fields, which are Electric/ computer engineering, Computer science and information technology, and Digital art/ entertainment.
  • Environment: This session will cover the environmental and energy related field, which are, Civil/ environmental engineering and renewable energy.
  • The Parallel Sessions also will have a dedicated session to develop the career of Korean American scientists and engineers, in particular, established professionals, young members, and general public.  Especially, for young generations, it should be the great opportunity to meet the professionals as mentors and potential employers.

The event was advertised via local media in Los Angeles area and San Diego area, KSEA-SC and KSEA-SD web site (http://www.ksea-sc.org, http://www.kseasd.org) and Facebook to encourage participation of all existing as well as future KSEA members including general public.



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