KUSCO News 2011 US-Korea Nano Forum

The 8th Forum held at Caltech on April 4th & 5th participated by 41 eminent scientists and policy makers in the field of nanotechnology along with 20 nanoscience experts present in audience, focused on nanotechnology convergence in sustainability to address current crippling problems faced by an ever increasing global population with an emphasis on environmentally friendly technologies for the future.

The following are the general recommendations of this Forum to ensure the partnership between the two countries for the continued success in nanotechnology research:

  1. The Forum will provide a common ground for researchers, educators, and administrators at all levels in both countries to share their experiences and expertise to enhance partnership in the field of nanotechnology.
  2. Identification of host centers to initiate collaborative research as well as to establish exchange programs for the early-career researchers in a global environment.
  3. Identify and foster the supporting mechanism for exchange of Forum participants by utilizing their expertise via seminar series (for senior participants) and research lab tours (for junior scientists) one to two days immediately after the Forum. Funding for extended stay after the Forum for collaborative global research activity should be available.
  4. The future collaboration activities and policy making will use the long term strategy outlined in the report “Nanotechnology Research Directions for Societal needs in 2020: Summary of International Study (NSF/WTEC study; 2010, www.wtec.org/nano2/)” as a reference, with a special focus on (a) methods and tools for investigation, synthesis and manufacturing in sustainable processes, (b) responsible and effective management to realize the full potential of nano-manufacturing, and (c) investing in physical infrastructure including education and governance of nanotechnology for societal benefit.
  5. Sustainability research often leaves out energy technology, and energy technology often leaves out people, and as a result, the social context is lost. Future Forums could focus on developing a novel integrated innovation model by engaging with the public and creating significant social implications.
  6. These Forums have been successful in generating close collaboration among small groups. In order to have a global impact in the future, bringing together many multi-disciplinary teams to create a major integrated project is necessary, for example, the establishment of a “U.S.-Korea Integrated Nanotechnology Center” is recommended.








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