"KUSCO-WEST Alumni has its first foot print in Ashburn in Virginia USA"
- 40 students are connected among the round 3,4 and 5.

Heather Grime, KUSCO’s Internship Director wanted to give KUSCO’s students what she called, “A Suburban American Experience.” Heather Grime is an Orange County California native and now resides in the Washington DC suburbs with her husband Tom Roisum. Heather is a graduate of Arizona State University.

Heather stated, “From my perspective and experience, Soule Korea is similar to New York City. I wanted our students to experience a typical American family home in the suburbs so I decided to open our home to KUSCO’s students. I was delighted and a little unprepared for how many students attended! Roughly 40 college students came and my husband and I were thrilled that KUSCO's Dr. Kim and Jim Kelman were able to attended as well. I think a good time was had by all. I personally enjoyed the students reaction to our large dogs running around, they were surprised the dogs were so friendly. My husband enjoyed playing his stereo for the students in what they named and we now call, The Music Room. My family will be delighted to have another open house when the next group of students arrive from Korea and we will be better prepared. The food went so fast that we had to do an emergency Papa John’s order!”



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