It has been almost 3 months after I came to NHK Washington Bureau. From here, I have been doing so many kinds of works. The main job is assisting correspondents and producers, such as researching information, contacting to news sources, going to the location to cover news and help cameraman, and sometimes, interviewing sources. There are some projects that I am in, and one of the project news was about this WEST program. It is great to see the news which I assisted is broadcasting in Japan and on the internet.

I am the only Korean here, so if Korean officials come to D.C, I usually go to stake out to interview them. After the interview, I should make a transcript of the interview, and most of them are in English, so it is really helpful to improve my English listening. Checking ‘Reuters Daybook’ and ‘Weekahead’, and distributing them to everyone is one of my tasks. From ‘Reuters Daybook’ and ‘Weekahead’, I can know the schedule of president Obama, vice president Biden, Hillary Clinton the secretary of State, and many of other important meetings and events in advance. I may choose the event which I am interested in and ask the correspondents go there with them. On every Friday, there is a meeting for the following week schedule, and making a part of meeting reference is also my job. I like to attend the meeting because it is conducted in Japanese. Most of people here are Japanese, so I am using my Japanese a lot here. I think it is a really good and rare opportunity to improve both Japanese and English.

To be a TV reporter was my longtime dream, but dream and reality is quite different, so I almost gave up working at broadcasting area. However, this internship experience made me find confidence and let me know what my interest is again. I am very satisfied with my work, and appreciate KUSCO to give me this chance.